Rescued Animals in Need: Cat adoption Sevenoaks, London.



Rescued Animals in Need has helped rehome hundreds of cats across Sevenoaks and Kent over the years.
This work has meant that we have been able to give stray and neglected cats a happy home to enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Here are what new cat owners have had to say about their lovely pets: 

"It's been several months now since I adopted Darcy and Lizzy. They are doing very well. Lizzy has really come out of her shell. She's still a little timid... you can't just walk up to her and start stroking her, but if you approach slowly she'll fall over in a heap and demand tummy rubs like Darcy does. She's very happy to have a garden and she naps out there most days in the good weather or sometimes just chases bugs or leaves around - very cute. Darcy likes to stay indoors more, often dozing by the terrace door and keeping an eye on things. Lizzy's coat is much shinier and softer too now that she's settled. And it took her a while to get the hang of the cat flap but eventually she got it. They have become good friends with my neighbour's cat - we did exchange blankets early on, so hopefully that helped. Darcy goes to the neighbour's cat flap to tap on it and look for his friend and Shivers comes to my door looking for his friends sometimes. And both boys keep a close eye on little Miss Lizzy."
"My cat that we got from RAIN, six years ago, is the absolute love of my life. I went into the cattery, having seen a pretty tabby that I was interested in, but was determined to pick the cat that seemed to choose me. I met the tabby and loved her lots, but Bebe (as she was named then), leapt off her bed and into my arms and kissed me all over my face. It was love at first sight, and six years on, I couldn't imagine being without my Betsy. I let her choose me, regardless of her colour, and I cannot imagine being without her. She is so loving to everyone, which given her horrific start in life is amazing to me. Don't dismiss the black or black and white cats without meeting them. They may, like my Betsy was for me, be your absolute soulmate."
“We've had Ruby here for a month now and she has settled in so well!

Thank you RAIN it's nice to have a cat around the house again

Have a look at Ruby in her new home - click here
“The cats (who we have renamed Florence (formally Amber) and Sybil  (formally Mitsy) are settling in really well and becoming noticeably more confident every day - we love having them. They are very sweet natured and love playing!

Have a look at them in their new home - click here
“I thought you might like to see a couple of photos of Mandy who joined our family from you last June after Rain took her in because she had cut herself badly. Mandy is now called Maisie and as you can see she is really very happy and enjoying her life. She was quite nervous to start with, didn't like to be picked up and would often bite when she was anxious. That has all changed now and she is much more confident, loves our company and a long cuddle on a lap at night time. She enjoys exploring in our 
garden, regularly climbing trees and often our garage. The biting has pretty much stopped now but if she does it is a very gentle "please don't" one. So she is really a lovely addition to our family."

Have a look at Mandy in her new home - click here

“Just to say that the cats (now renamed Emmeline and Wilberforce), seem to have settled in very happily - eating, using their litter trays, playing and exploring independently, coming back for lots of fuss and cuddles and sleeping! We're all absolutely delighted and I've posted on Facebook to thank you both publicly (we're going to send you an extra donation via Just Giving, to help a little bit with continuing to fund Jemima and Jake). Many thanks again to all concerned.”

Have a look at them in their new home - click here
“This is Rolo, he is 18 today and was re-homed with us by RAIN as an 8 week old kitten. He's been with us through our engagement and marriage, the arrival of two children, three house moves, three dogs, outlived our other cats and is now a permanent resident on our bed where he is enjoying his retirement from 
prowling the driveway and saying hello to everyone who walks past.

Have a look at Rolo in his new home - click here
“The new boss of our household! He is gorgeous, we all love him. 
Had him microchipped last week so he'll be venturing out into the big wide world soon.

Have a look at Nemo in his new home - click here
“This is an update from Tommy (Timmy) and Tina, they have been at their new home for a short time and they have been re-named, now they are Monty and Callie. After a timid first day, they have made themselves very much at home, making us all laugh at their antics, and purring so loudly the vet couldn't hear Callie's heart at her check-up. They are already very much part of the family.”
“Mya and Moet (was Deliah and Diana) adopted us and have really made themselves at home. They even won our 10-year lab around, and now they share laps, sofas and the dog's bed. They make us smile each and every day and we've not had one moment of regret! Thank you RAIN.”
"I thought I'd send you an update on how the cats are getting on. We gave them a name change, Tia is now Lexie and Bailey is now Tibbs. They have both settled in so well. Lexie is the more timid but does like to be stroked, she's a little piggy and would eat all the food put down for both of them given half the chance! Tibbs is very affectionate, he follows me around waiting for me to stop and stroke him. They both love our garden but so far have not strayed too far. They are lovely cats. With best wishes, Deborah."

Have a look at Mickey and Minnie in their new home - click here
"Mickey wouldn't come near us when we first met him and is still very wary of others but loves my 8 year old son.He almost sits on my husband's lap too which is amazing, he has come so far.  Minnie's brother Mickey is also a big softie as you can see so thank you again 

Thank you for introducing us to the beautiful Minnie who has become a lap cat as you can see but also likes to bring a mouse in every now and then."

If you are interested in adopting a cat, then get in touch with us now.

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