Loving homes are needed for the following animals:

(We regret that unfortunately we can no longer deal with dogs for rehoming but continue to assist with dog neutering help.)



Sam and Titch
Sam and Titch are two cuties with loads of love to give. Titch is tiny in size but big in character never saying no to a tickle, just loving to spend time with you. Sam is a bit shy but adores his sister, he follows her around and curls up with her when she settles and, with a little time, would do just the same for you !


Ebony is a lovely girl who is very petite and pretty. She would love a home where she could have a bit of peace and quiet as she can be a little timid. Ebony loves people and once you've earned her trust, you'll receive a friend for life.


Gretchin and Cady
Cady and Gretchen - A beautiful pair of kittens who are playful and active all day long. Cady is a stunning tortoiseshell who can be a little shy when she first meets you but Gretchen makes up for her timidity by being extremely affectionate with everyone. Cady and Gretchen love each other and spend hours playing or simply curled up together in a snuggle bed. These two would be suited to a home where Cady can have a bit of peace and quiet so she can grow into a confident, content kitty. waiting photo and full profile.


Candy is a 2-year-old torty, a gorgeous girl who adores people. Candy is used to living the high life and would love someone to adopt her.


Jed is a black, 5-year-old short-haired cat used to dogs and children, - A handsome guy with a loving nature, Jed just loves people, other cats and even dogs! He has a happy and laid back personality and will make someone very happy as their companion. awaiting photo and full profile.


Saff and Ollie
2-year-old black and ginger males, Ollie and Saff - Two loving brothers who need a new home together. Ollie is the handsome ginger who is a more confident cat but Ollie will soon win your heart too with his big eyes! They would be best suited to a home where they have access to the outdoors where they can run and play all day.


Katie is a 2-year-old tabby, a pretty female with lots of love to give. Katie is very affectionate and laid back. She loves being stroked and playing with her toys and is hoping to meet her new family one day soon.


Elsa and Anna
black and grey females, Elsa is Anna's mother and they have a special bond. Anna is 6 months old and very playful ! Elsa is very affectionate and loves people. These 2 will make someone very happy

What happens if you want to adopt an animal?

Prospective new owners come to meet the cat(s)/ kitten(s) before taking them on, sometimes more than once, at the boarding cattery we use. All prospective owners are visited in their homes as we operate a home delivery service to ensure that the family and the pet(s) are suited to each other and that the new owners are fully aware of all that is involved in taking on a new pet. RAIN appreciates new owners keeping in touch to give them any advice needed and to hear all about the new pet's progress. If you are interested in adopting please contact us.

please make sure you give your FULL NAME, ADDRESS, POSTCODE and TELEPHONE NUMBER(S).